Yesterday – Trailer

Yesterday is a place, a place of memories, but memories vanishlink to full-lenght video

The story describes the emotional passage of a young dancer, who relives the memories linked to the childhood home and, recalling them, dissolves them from her mind.

The protagonist is Viola Esmeralda, student of Codarts, University of the Arts in Rotterdam, winner of the “Jeune talents de France” Award (Paris, 2017) for contemporary dance.

The music was composed on the images by Antonello Labanca, bassist of Rai Symphony Orchestra.

Yesterday is finalist at the Lisbon RendeVouz Festival 2019

Directed by Lorella Galvan
Original music Antonello Labanca
Photography Christian Grappiolo
Editing Elena Valsania
Production Feliz (Cuneo, Italy) 2018